Every visitor is important to us and we respect your privacy always. We take every measure to protect your privacy. For this, we provide this privacy policy that explains how we make sure that every bit of your details is safe with us. With this privacy policy, you can also know how your information is collected, how we make the best use of it and how we protect your important data.  By using our website, you agree to our privacy policy.

How we collect information?

On our website you can learn about different healthcare supplements, you can also order them, express your thoughts & opinions, subscribe to our offers, newsletters and participate. For this, you will have to provide information such as your name, your telephone number, email address, your personal address and your credit card details. This information is collected so that you can have access to all our different services, programs & products.

You may also submit information regarding any other person. This might be due to ordering or using services on the behalf of other people with their consent such as any other member of your family.  The type of information that we might collect about other people is the name, email address, personal address and their telephonic details. We also collect non-personal information such as the time you visit our web pages, the services you access, the browser type you use, operating system and name of your domain.

How we put the information in use?

We use all this information to make sure that your accessible services, programs and products are reachable and delivered to you on time. We also use this information to respond to the queries and to advance our services and products. We use all this information to offer services and programs that best interest you.  We also sometimes use all this data to communicate with our visitors and clients.  We invite them for different programs; notify them about updates and when we make certain changes in our agreements or other essential sections.  We make our clients part of every change we make on our website, in our services & updating products.  We also may contact you for your accounts. From time to time we use this information to deliver our best assistance to our readers and visitors.

The non- personal information we collect is used to make the content better on our website resulting in best online experience for the people.  We do not disclose your information until there is a law enforcement involved.  Our team who are having access to your information makes sure that the privacy is maintained and your imperative data remains safe with us until you delete it or we do not find it using any longer. 

We make all the appropriate steps to make sure that all your vital information is safeguarded. We do not sell your information to any third party website. We might share information in case there are sponsors or co-sponsors involved for promotions and contests. We are not responsible for the data that guests intentionally share with the third party on our website. We have reputable associates and you might see their advertisements on our website.


We use cookies on many of our web pages as this makes sure that visitors get a great experience. Cookies are the text files which remain in your browser and where your preferences are stored. Cookies do not share any of your information with use until you willingly provide us with your details such as registering with us. Once you decide to share your personal details with us, some of the information might get linked to the data that is residing in the cookie. We use cookies to personalize our guests experience so that you can share password in the safe area and also unable to utilize shopping cart on the site.

We take all the protective measures to make sure that your personal and vital details are safely stored with us until you delete it yourself. Just make sure that you read our privacy policy carefully before you access services and products on our website and agree to our terms and policies and enjoy our services. 

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