Varieties of ingredients are present in the nature, but find the one which suits the cause is a difficult task of handle. Over hundreds of studies are carried out to get the knowledge of how males endure this problem. In a study, it was observed that due to blockage of blood vessels, less blood flows in to the penile chamber that restricts the erection. As a result of which the scientist have been experimenting on various ingredient and have found out these amazing ingredients listed below.

a. L Arginine

L Arginine is an alpha carboxylic acid group chemical block that provides the body with protein. This ingredient is an amino acid based fruit extract that is used for a variety of medical conditions. It is used to treat various medical problems including erection dysfunction and premature ejaculation.

When this compound enters the body, it is converted into nitric oxide which helps in improving the bloodstream. This ingredient releases the biosynthesized nitric oxide in the body that relaxes the blood vessels and make them wider to improve blood flow. This accelerated blood flow is forced into the penile chamber which helps in promoting a healthy and hard erection.

b.  Ginseng Root Extract

Ginseng is a root plant that is originated from genus Panax. This is an extract that is used to vitalize health of a body. A lot of types of ginseng are available in the market but only Asian ginseng is used to treat erection dysfunction. This kind of ginseng is available in china and Korea. This ingredient is used as a natural remedy to treat men’s bedroom problem. 

A freshly cultivated Ginseng is blended in the performance enhancer to cure erection dysfunction. This ingredient is used to increase the alertness of the body and eliminates the cause of erection dysfunction. It increases the potential of erection.  

c. Tribulus Terrestris Extract:

This is an ayurvedic herb that are mostly prescribed to improve male health. This supplement improves vitality and virility of male body and enhance libido. This ingredient has testosterone boosting properties that accelerated the sperm count in the body and enhance the level of testosterone in the body.

This is a prime ingredient to cure the erection dysfunction. The tribulus works to improve muscle strength and enhance the blood flow in the body. This ingredient replenishes the weak and damaged muscles and tissues to improve muscle mass. It enhances the sexual desire of the males and boosts the performance capacity to enhance the performance.

d. Horny Weed:

This is an extract that boosts the libido of males. It is a helpful ingredient to activate the sexual desire of the body and gives you a strong erection to satisfy your woman. Horny goat weed is a natural alternative of vigra to help with erection.

It is sometimes also referred as vigra and is useful compound for treating erection dysfunction. In a study it was observed that this herb blocks the compound that affects the enzymes to restricts the blood circulation to the penis. It is an active element that inhabits the production of testosterone and makes the penis hard and long.

e. Tongkat Ali

tongkat ali is a shrub found in southeast Asia. This ingredient is found mostly in Indonesia and is useful to treat erection dysfunction. It is a best sexual vitality enhancer that provides adaptogenic properties to men.

It is a kind of longjack herb that helps in balancing the mood of the body. This ingredient promotes vigorating sexual vitality and enhances sexual strength. It provides energy to the body to become active and energetic in bed. It also helps in providing sexual endurance so as to reduce sexual fatigue or tiredness. This makes the body efficient to go for longer hours.

f.  Bioprene

This is an ingredient that is helpful to treat men’s problem and also helps in proper absorption of nutrients. It is a fruit extract of piper nigrum L. It is a natural bioavailability enhancer that enhances the absorption of nutrients for both human and animals.

g.    Ashwagandha roots

This is an evergreen root of a shrub that grows in India. This is an orange-red fruit that helps in a variety of medical treatment. This herb is very effective for treatment of bedroom problems endure by a man. This ingredient helps in balancing physical as well as mental conditions of a male hormonal system. It reduces the factors that cause erection dysfunction such as diabetes, stress, cholesterol etc.  


The ingredients play a vital role in making a supplement effective. The ingredient listed on this page is found naturally and are extracted through natural means. These are the ingredients that help in enhancing the male sexual performance and improve the quality of erection. This ingredient boosts the blood flow and promotes an increase in testosterone production.

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